North Edge Towers are the pioneering pillars of the New Alamein waterfront with a mission to begin a new era of all-year round living.

As the first and only towers in the area, they stand as landmarks of luxurious, self-sufficent homes that don't close their doors after any season, evolving our perception of the North Coast experience.

First row turquoise views & a philosophy of convenience through sky high sea side living, 
       The towers of NORTH EDGE occupy pride of place in the upscale area of the new Alamein City, standing right at the edge of the beach catering for its residents an international retail and entertainment experiences. Homeowners will enjoy the convenience of city life and the pleasure of coastal living. North Edge is nothing short of incomparable.
   :amenities parmacies , supermarkets, laundry, gym, entertainment facilities, 3 heated infinity pools, jogging track,kids area, storage and divers room, private parking with smart card, international safety standards through cctv control, emergency safety precautions, havac system for air uality, waste management system, building management system