Midtown Solo mall

Plan your perfect day out without worrying about traffic or being away from home as Midtown Solo Mall is just across the street. Consisting of three buildings with a variety of shopping stores, restaurants and coffee shops.

On the axis of Bin Zayed South directly 140 m.

And directly opposite the Green River (Central Park). Next to the Cathedral and the International Exhibition City and also near Almasa Hotel and the International Conference Hall and the ministries and government agencies and the Presidential Palace

The building is 1250 m + 1,100 m

(Basement 835 m services + ground 402 m + first 402 m + second 402 m + 40 m Rove services)

Interface 11.5 m * depth of 35 m

Front of the ground 20 m

Receipt in 7/2022 after 3 years and a half