Medical Center

In Medical Center 3, with its huge sprawl surrounding it in Nasr City, on an area of about 5000 meters, responding to the ever-increasing demands

And to restore "Medical Center 3", which is mutually beneficial to the area around it.

 Medical center 3, is private and has activities and projects in Sri Lanka.

Medical Center 3 combines multiple medical concepts to ensure that the investor receives a guaranteed return and results

In addition to a range of medical clinics that provide the generator, radiology centers and specialized medical laboratories (physiotherapy .. beautification) also includes "Medical Center 3" as well:

- 2 floors garage - 8 elevators

- Luxury panoramic facades with contemporary design - non-recurrent location

- A commercial role dedicated to the centers of optics, cafeterias and other commercial purposes.

It can also be a choice between two levels of complete finishing, and there is a general reception service and guidance to clinics, in addition to "surveillance cameras, doors shutters

"Greetings from multiple housing options" and "Smart House Real Estate Development Company".