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About us

In 2016 , Our company has positioned  itself as a leader in the real estate in Cairo by founder Dr . Maged Hanna
Our company is the leader of real estate with a previous experience in the domain of food industry located in Rome , Italy under the name *IMPARIL* group
Our objective is to :
  • Find suitable properties for clients , determine competitive market pricing and prepare legal documents also we aim to Buy , sell or rent properties by providing advice , conduct research and draw up legal contracts
City mega stores company is eager to become one of the leading companies in the field of real estate and investment
incorporates proven , professional state of-the-art techniques specializing in the marketing , listing and selling of new and resale luxury homes , residential communities condominiums , home sites , undeveloped land and commercial and investment opportunities
maintains a full-time staff of well-trained real estate professional who continually strive to provide top quality service for their individual clients and customers
is to provide an outstanding level of service and expertise in the real estate market that is innovative and ambitious.
About us


Dr. Maged Hanna was born in Rod Al-Farag ( Shubra Masr ) Cairo of a middle-class family on 01/01/1974
When he was 14 years , He traveled to Rome ( Italy ) after his father had passed away and started his career at this early age , However , he is always , fast learner and has a natural intelligence that made his performance praiseworthy among his peers even in learning the Italian language and was able to achieve the title of the golden boy at the age of 19 .
The beginning of his first commercial activity and the opening of the first restaurant in his name increased his self - confidence . Then he started to work in summer shows on the shore of LUNG RIVER TEFRY in Rome every summer , which helped him to become a famous one among the Italian people and the Italian community in Italy .
So he established the group ( IMPIRUM ) which is a chain of restaurants in ROME , and with all his business skills , He was able to study and obtain a doctorate degree in "ECONOMICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE " from University of ( Northwest Branch of Italy ) . He was honored in Egyptian TV shows for his investment in Egypt despite the political and economic challenges in Egypt this year 2018 He was also honored in the Italian Parliament as one of the most effective Business persons not only in Egypt but also in the Arab world . Dr. Maged launched his company CITY MEGA STORES for real estate investment , which is currently contracting the largest project in the North Coast , which is
( Monte Carlo )

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  • 15 Abbas El-Akkad, Al Manteqah Al Oula, Nasr City, Egypt
  • nasr city